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WREATHS: 8"-48" Plain and Decorated
 KISSING BALLS: Balsam and Pine & Cedar Combo
 ROPING: Balsam, Laurel, White Pine, Pine & Cedar, Heavy Western Mix, Western Cedar
(sold by the yard and by the roll)

Everything is decorated by hand at our location; nothing is mass-produced
 Winterberries, Bows, Swags, Candle Rings, ETC.


Stand Strait - Tree Stand System

Imagine a perfectly straight tree with no hassle, every year!

Think of all the years you have struggled while  trying to put up your Christmas Tree!  You are laying on the floor,  yelling to others, "Is the tree straight now?", getting sap all  over yourself trying to fit the stump in to the tree stand!  At times  you have had to take the tree back out multiple times to re-cut the tree  stump so it would fit it in to the stand while pine needles are falling  everywhere!  All that work only to have the tree fall over because of  the poor design of typical tree stands. 

Sound familiar?

We can help eliminate all things that you hate about putting up the Christmas Tree with the Stand Strait Tree Stand System!!

We will drill a hole in to the trunk of your tree using a special  machine we have made specifically for the Stand Strait Tree Stand  System.  Once you are ready to put up your tree, you just place the tree  trunk on the rod in the stand and YOU'RE DONE!  Perfectly straight tree with no frustrations! 

"When I got home, it worked exactly as promised.  I just slid the base into the hole that they drilled and my tree was standing, perfectly straight in about 60-seconds flat", said Jill Gallant of Peabody. 

With the Stand Strait Tree Stand System your tree standing frustrations will be a thing of Christmas Past

We offer reindeer and snowman decorations made of birchwood

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